Car, cash and fun mark SuperClubs’ celebration of staff

Grand Lido Braco’s Entertainment manager, Velicea Baugh drove away with the coveted prize of a 1996 fully powered Toyota Saloon motorcar SuperClub’s People Development Programme (PDP) fourth annual Car Draw held at resort’s car park on Monday, January 31.

Miss Baugh emerged a winner from a select group of eleven managers who also qualified to enter the car draw. Before the winner could be chosen, each of the managers selected had to choose a fortune cookie in which specific instructions were written.

Car, cash and fun marks SuperClubs' celebration of staff

Eleven Balloons, each containing a car key was tied to the back of the participants’ chairs. The tension grew as each participant took his/her turn in fitting the key from the balloons into the car. After a nail biting half-hour, the audience erupted with thunderous applause when Velicea was successful in her first attempt with the car key. Amidst much fanfare and excitement she was congratulated by Dr. Errol Holmes, SuperClubs vice president of Human Resources and Anil Sud, general manager of Grand Lido Braco.

The main address at the function was delivered by Hugh Shim, Human Resource Director of the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo.), while Joseph Issa, executive vice president of SuperClubs also addressed the audience.

Cheques valued at $250,000 each were also drawn and later presented to the line of staff member and clerical supervisors employed to SuperClubs’ other eight properties in Jamaica for a minimum of two years. The cheques will go towards assisting the recipients in the purchasing and development of land.

Persons who were presented cheques rom 1998 to 1999 included Leslie Brown from Hedonism II; Patrick Powell from Grand Lido Negril; Boris Bowen from Breeze Montego Bay; Aldith Clark from Trelawney Beach and Fun Resort; Rayon Frazer and Suzette Foster from Breezes Runaway Bay, and Philip Woodburn and Cynthia McIntyre from San Souci Lido.

Special mention was made of Mrs McIntyre who has been employed to San Souci for 22 years. Entertainment was provided by young and upcoming DJ Super Wayne with his original composition, “Tourist Attraction”. Jerron McDermott, from the Kitchen staff at Braco had the audience in stitches with a medley of songs.


Source: North Coast Times