Issa is new St. Ann Chamber president

Less speech and more action is what the new president of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce Joey Issa would like to see his new executive bring to the organisation. And, Mr. Issa indicated a desire to integrate the chamber’s activities more with the community.

Mr, Issa SuperClubs senior vice president, is the new president of the St Ann Chamber of Commerce. Announcement of his election was made at the annual general meeting of the Chamber on Saturday, July 26 at the Shaw Park Beach hotel. The meeting was postponed from last month.Joey Issa St. Ann Chamber of Commerce President

Dean Clarke is 1st vice president and Eva Myers is 2nd vice president. Dr. John McDowell is secretary. There were nine newly appointed directors namely Cecil Simmonds, Robert Lee, Prem Mahtani, Claire Williamson, Angela Sinclair, Andrew Grant, Pauline Haughton, Val Brown and Carl Williamson.

Addressing the meeting, past president Jeanne Dixon listed her achievements as follows: a successful lobby to complete the Ocho Rios Development Road, a lobby for a transport center which was realized and is now being constructed, membership into the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), the lobby to have one craft park so designated as an attraction, a widening of the directorship to incorporate young entrepreneurs who operate businesses in the parish and the upgrading of the Ocho Rios sewerage system.

Some of the objectives that were not met were: the broadening of the Chambers membership into the wider towns and communities of the parish, continuity of the lobby to have St Ann declared the historical center of the island, and for Seville to be developed as a major attraction and also for a Cottage Industry Complex to be developed to increase employment in the

Other matters arising from the meeting were the need for the Chamber to be more concerned about garbage and waste disposal, the sewage problem, the new development order for St Ann is yet to be signed and one which was of much concern to member Aston Young was the need for more entertainment for young people of the parish.

“I didn’t want to prepare a speech because I didn’t want to look too nuff’ said the new president, Joey Issa. He further went on to say that the number one priority of the chamber is to work with the communities outside the chamber. “We want to make a difference not to have meetings that are speech oriented but rather are action oriented.

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