Cheers to Joe Issa

Cheers to Joe IssaHooray to Joe Issa, executive vice president of SuperClubs chain of hotels for coming up with his wonderful proposal, “The Issa Initiative”, which more than anything demands that politicians at long last will be accountable to their constituents. I notice a few politicians taking to the airwaves last week to try to bob and weave out of entering into any agreement with their constituents which I sincerely hope voters were taking note. Had a dinner interview with Mr. Issa last week and he has promised that he will not be swayed from going ahead with his initiative, noting that, “I am comfortable knowing that I am doing this only for the benefit of the country. Politicians love to make platform promises prior to an election after which they are hardly seen inside their constituency. We are saying that they should sign off on these promises so the voters can hold them accountable.” I say, well done Joey Issa! If only others with your kind of prestige and influence could step up to the plate likewise what a difference that could make.


Source: The Gleaner