Well, Darlings, in this the 24th anniversary of the founding of the swell SuperClubs chain of fab hotels and resorts, and on the ninth anniversary of the annual staging of the SuperClubs Golf Invitational, hosted each year for tour operators, travel agents and travel writers, plus international celebs and travel industry bigwigs, this year SuperClubs threw a three-day social swirl and extravaganza, that was easily the Mother of all Parties! Oh, my word and sweet mint juleps, what a celebration! Spread over Grand Lido Braco, Hedonism III and Breezes Runaway Bay, over a three-day and night period, the affaire was to die for! And aam-a-tellin-yuh, Roman Emperor Caligula, never had it soo good!

Dears, we are talking party hearty here!

The three-day and night affaire took off on Thursday with a simply sensational dinner and street dance hosted by GM Anil Sud, over at the tres chic Grand Lido Braco hotel, over there in Trelawny. Dears, the evening kicked off with the executive VP Joe Issa extending welcome to the assembled guests.


The informal formalities out of the way, it was then open season for guests to simply enjoy the culinary and entertainment fare on offer, for the near 600 guests. Sweethearts, there were some 10 or more major food stations and few secondary ones thrown in for variety and comfort of guests.

And my word, forget food for Kings, Darlings this was food for the Gods, and then some!

Oh, sweet holiness, what a feast! Doves, bear with moi. We are talking exquisite lamb, here, dee-vine lobster-tails, roast beef that was so succulent, it simply transported one into the esoteric world of the senses. And then there was the shrimp. Oh Mama mia! Mama mia! Then throw in one absolutely marvellous array of desserts into the mix and the only word that comes to mind is, reverential!

Dinner out of the way and then the guests were treated to the signature Grand Lido Braco, street party!

Now children, if you have never visited Lido Braco, stop denying yourselves the pleasure, as aah do swear, the place is one fabulously beautiful property, its fab town-square centrepiece a place always a-waiting for a party to happen. Well Dears, last Thursday the party did happen, an how! It was riotous! Think Congo-line! Think fab costumes! Think partying people! Throw in a few buzzing bars and then it will happen for you!

But that was Thursday. Luvs, Friday night the party moved to the ultra-happening Hedonism III, where it was all about fabulousness! My Dears GM Kevin Levee and his staff, simply went to town and then some! Oh my word, what a night this proved!

Well my Dears, the evening began with the skies blessing proceedings with a few scattered showers. The showers though seemed to have bothered no one because everyone it seemed was out and dressed to the nines for the occasion. The theme for the affair was The 70s and children, guests worked it! We are talking platform shoes, bell-bottom pants, afro wigs, psychedelic tops, floral shirts, you name it whatever it was that was fashionable wear of the 70s, the guests wore it two Fridays ago over at Hedonism III and it made a sensational party atmosphere.

Dears, the party got cooking with the celebrated Canadian-based female impersonator, you know – Drag Queen – Diane Michelle Ross, taking the stage and setting the house on party-fire; then there were dancers on roller-skates; a gender-bending, acid-rock band; and to close out this segment, the simply sensational Georgia Henry, looking like all that and sounding even better, as she went into her 70s repertoire and bust the party wide open! And if that was not enough partying for one night, it was then on to the hotel’s Octopussy disco where the theme was masquerade, Luvs, pinch yuh-selves, because no fire has ever been known to be as HOT as the absolute fabdom that was unfolding in tha disco! Aam-a-tellin-yuh it was sheer blessedness!!

Yes, it was like that!

Then there was Saturday night over at Breezes Runaway Bay. Dear GM Cheddie Parchment was in his ackee! This my Dears, was akin to a State Banquet, gloved waiters, tails and all. It was all about grand style as this was the finale to the three days and nights of golfing, wining and dining, and of course partying, and all in the name of keeping Destination Jamaica, viable.

Among those spotted over the three-day swirl included; SuperClubs VPs Sue McManus,Stewart Fisher, Gary Williams; Jag Mehta, Abe Moore and wife Minnie; Jackson Weech GM Breezes Bahamas; Paul Verhaak VP Marketing and Sales Europe and Asia; Nancy Hay, Director Sales Canada; and also spotted Cecile Levee, Norma Foereman; Heather Hudson; Anna Williams, plus scores more, but what a whirlwind!


Source: The Observer