Cool Card Centre introduces the ‘E Z Card’

Cool Card Centre introduces EZ CardElectronic calling cards are all set to redefine the calling card business in Jamaica by creating an online network. This network will allow easy and immediate access to calling cards, and is available islandwide. Cable and Wireless has upgraded its products and just recently introduced its prepaid electronic calling cards.

Cool Cards Complete Calling Card Centre is the first company in Jamaica to be selling these cards over an electronic network. The company, backed by executive vice president of SuperClubs, Joe Issa, has been successful selling Digicel’s Flex-E-Cards for the past three months and will now be able to sell Cable and Wireless’ cards from the same Cool Card Verifone terminals.

Marketed under the brand ‘E Z Card’ the electronic calling cards work on all Readi Cellie phones and replace the popular Classic prepaid calling card. Cool Card’s network presently consists of 30 terminals at locations across the island and a central server in Ocho Rios. Cool Card will be introducing the new E Z Cards on Cool Card terminals in Kingston at Petcom Hagley Park and Sugar and Spice on Red Hills Road. E Z Card can also be purchased from Cool Card terminals in St. Ann. All of the company’s terminals should be able to sell these cards within the next two weeks.


Source: The Gleaner