Cool Cards, a success story

Across Jamaica the distinctive Cool Cards sign is appearing in more and more locations as vendors catch on to the unique method of selling phone cards being provided by this young company. Cool Cards has stormed the telecommunications industry with its creative use of technology, bold branding and good old-fashioned hard work and ingenuity.

Cool Cards invested $120 million dollars in technology, hardware, software and branding and in just eight months has become the largest purveyor of pre-paid electronic calling cards for Digicel and Cable and Wireless. The company now prides itself with having more than 300 vendor locations island-wide and ha plans to bring several hundred more on stream in the coming months.

Cool Cards, a success story

Managing Director of Cool Cards, Andrew Grant has a simple business philosophy, if he can keep his team young and nimble, the company would be able to respond to the emerging market and make the necessary adjustments to the business plan without the constraints of large bureaucratic organization. In fact, Grant credits the success of the company to the support he has from his team.

“In addition the $10,000 giveaway and other promotions has made Cool Cards Complete Calling Card Center a household name in St. Ann and St. Mary. Complimenting these giveaways is the amazing branding we created with an extraordinarily talented group of graphic designers from the US,” Mr. Grant said. Striving to create strong recognition the colourful, strong and crisp branding can be seen everywhere; billboards, tow trucks, shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations and restaurants have all chosen to go Cool.

Joe Issa, President of the Cool Corp, asserts that the company had been careful not to solely rely on its innovative product and strong branding, but also has full customer and vendor support services as well as excellent benefits to both customers and vendors. “Creating a rewards program targeting both consumers and vendors has had a strong influence on our brand loyalty. The Cool Card electronic phone card system is inherently safe and secure for the vendor thereby creating a product which is sought after by shopkeepers and other sellers of phone cards,” Mr. Issa stressed.

Cool Cards is definitely a success story in its own right and is now looking toward the future. This forward thinking company will be introducing other pre-paid calling cards onto their machines. Additionally, Issa and the Cool Card team are looking at other uses for the Cool Card electronic terminals as phone cards are just one of many applications these terminals are capable of.


Source: The Observer