Corporate Group to build 250-room hotel in St. Ann

Buoyed by the financial success of its hotels, the Corporate Group is investing more on the north coast.

Corporate Group of Companies is committing itself to playing a more integral role in the development of the island’s north coast and has announced plans to build a 250-room hotel at Llandovery in St Ann.

According to Corporate Group chairman, Delroy Lindsay, the move serves to underscore the Group’s interest and confidence in Ocho Rios.

Lindsay was addressing over 100 of the resort town’s business leaders at a cocktail reception hosted by Workers Bank at the Plantation Inn hotel as part of the Group’s week of community outreach activities.

Lindsay welcomed the construction of the bypass road in the town to relieve traffic congestion in the town centre, which he said was only surpassed by the traffic congestion in Kingston.

He said that the Ocho Rios branch of Workers Bank would be playing a greater role in the community and that the week of outreach activities being hosted by the branch was just a start.

Plantation Inn and Negril Gardens are the two hotels that fall under the Corporate Group umbrella. They are marketed under the name Friends International and recently announced a profit of $1 million.


Corporate Group to build 250 Room Hotel in St AnnPicture: Workers Bank Ocho Rios Outreach: Delroy Lindsay (right), Chairman of the Corporate Group and Howard McIntosh (centre), senior general manager of Workers Bank in discussion with Joey Issa, vice president of special projects and development, SuperClubs at a cocktail reception hosted by the Workers Bank, Ocho Rios Branch, as part of a week of community outreach activities organized by the Branch.