Couples chef takes top JCDC culinary honours

For the second time in eight years, Pierre Battaglia of Couples Hotel has walked away with top honour at the JCDC’s Professional Culinary Arts Competition – Chef of the Show. The prestigious award is sponsored by Facey Commodity Company Limited through its flagship brand, Delite.

Couples chef takes top JCDC culinary honours

Battaglia attributes his success this year to his young and talented team, to which he was able to give expert guidance because of his experience.

Couples took seven silver medals in the competition and Battaglia himself won a second gold medal in the category for individual entries the Chef Open Award. Ten hotels and one restaurant entered the competition while 18 individual chefs participated in the Chef Open Section.

Originally a native of France, the Delite Chef of the Show enjoys working with local foods and fruits. A particular favourite is Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and saltfish, although he says not many people know how to prepare ackee properly anymore.

He feels that despite the Jamaican penchant for spicy foods, visitors to the island will enjoy our local dishes if they are properly prepared.

Of the Professional Culinary Arts Competition itself, he feels that it has grown tremendously and the improvements are evidenced by the increased participation. He was part of a committee responsible for reorganizing the competition and taking it to a higher standard this year. He is looking forward to seeing more improvements, increased hotel participation and perhaps the day when the dishes will actually be prepared in front of the audience. Then, he says, Jamaica will have one of the premier culinary expositions in the region.

Pierre Battaglia has lived in Jamaica for the past nine years, is married to a Jamaican and has two sons.


Source: The Observer