At Couples all you need is Love

“Welcome to the world of couples.”

An experience without kids skyscrapers, Wall Street, Bond Street. An experience with total pleasure and romance. So, leave your worries behind and allow us to pamper you.”

With an invitation like that staring me in the face I was really looking forward to savouring the Couples experience… and, truthfully, I wasn’t disappointed.

Take it from me, the only thing you need to take to Couples is a little love. Management and staff take care of the rest.

The hotel is beautiful, staff courteous and efficient, cuisine mouth-watering, and to cap it all off the tantalizing effect of an optional clothing island just offshore. It’s all a wonderful package.

Couples was the first all-inclusive in the world for couples only: no singles, no children, just ashamedly romantic in the sea breeze warmth of an intimate and private tropical haven. Couples was created by romantics for romantics. It’s where the couple takes its rightful place in the sun.

Couples of all ages come to celebrate their bond at this tropical paradise. Some even come to get married (it’s complimentary, complete with minister, wedding cake and copious champagne).

From the moment you pass through the gates of Couples you feel a romantic tingle run down your spine. The sight of two lions in intimate embrace further wets the appetite and you can’t wait to see what else is in store.

And there’s so much to enjoy.

The pace at Couples is completely at ease, the only time there is any hint of formality is when you’re dining in Le Gourmet restaurant which offers the finest French cuisine I have ever tasted in a Jamaican resort, bar none.Couples in Love


But where do you start enjoying couples?

For the incurable romantics, getting out the bathing suit and experiencing the Jacuzzis is a must. There are two 12 seater Jacuzzis adjacent to the pool that are a must. The temperature is just right, and feeling the water massaging the aches and pains while sipping a tropical concoction is a great way to start.

For the more physically inclined Couples offers a great variety of water sports. After enjoying the Jacuzzis it’s time to either play tennis on one of the five courts, squash in either of the two indoor, air-conditioned courts, (pros are available and lessons offered), racquetball, paddleball, table-tennis, volleyball, aerobic classes, reggae dance classes, lunch time games, beach and pool Olympics, horseback riding, golf and much more.

In selecting games, Couples lunch time spin is great fun. Here at the stage area couples engage in various games to win prizes and surprises. And there’s no need to be shy, it’s all great fun.

After local sports, water sports options also abound: Mistral windsurfing, sunfish sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, water-skiing, canoeing (all with instructions), and glass bottom boat rides.

On of the great additions that have taken place recently under new general manager Joe Issa is a games room complete with video games room complete with video games and large television screen. Here is the sanctuary from the happenings on the rest of the property. Here guests get a chance to unwind, shoot a few games, or sit back in comfortable surroundings and watch a movie or a big sports event.

I was pleasantly surprised at the popularity of the games room, it seems to bring out the kids in us: the peals of laughter at making a high score in a games or making a good shot is infectious. It’s a great innovation and full marks to General Manager Joe Issa.

And speaking of the general manager, the staff seem to be in love with him. His management style is respected and as one member of staff puts it “man, Mr. Issa is a perfectionist; everything has to be perfect for him.” I guess one has to be a perfectionist to create the perfect romantic setting that Joe Issa has.

Joe Issa

And in case you see a young , energetic, dark haired man, with a boyishly handsome face roaming the property attending to every detail, that’s Joe Issa himself.

After a hard day’s play and the evening draws to a close it’s usually a good time to cool out at one of the many bars on the property, have a drink and share a few jokes with congenial bartenders who seem so at ease at both mixing drinks and mixing with the guests.

Then it’s time to dine. If you had been in from morning you would have had a chance to sample breakfast. At Couples a tropical display of fresh fruits and juices start breakfast, followed by your choice of hot items. If you wish you can enjoy a continental breakfast on your room balcony while you  watch the sun rising. The buffet style breakfast feast is served on the main terrace. There’s always a great choice of either a Jamaican or international breakfast.

Lunchtime is a sumptuous buffet that tempts the lunch palate. There are lots of choices and they’re all wonderful.

So you’ve experienced all that, but now it’s time for Couples’ jewel, it’s dinnertime. Dinner at Couples is a majestic experience. There is a choice of specialty restaurants which transfer dinner from meals to experiences.

There is the casual pasta restaurant “Bayside”. Here it’s dining by the sea, having pasta while the waves pound on the rocks a few feet away.

“The Veranda” offers continental cuisine that is mouth-wateringly delicious, while “Le Gourmet” offers fine French cuisine that is among the finest Jamaica has to offer. Dining in this restaurant is a must even if you’re not a lover of French style. The chefs at Couples are first class.

After a satisfying meal the resident band entertains on the main terrace, getting you in the main terrace, getting you in the mood for fun with a variety of musical forms, including reggae. Showtime follows and there is usually a top cabaret singer or a cultural show that pleases.

By now couples are either ready to slink off into some romantic corner, and hammocks on the beach is a favourite, or soothing piano music at the piano bar. Wednesday’s are beach party nights while on Sunday’s there is a one hour jazz session by the poolside.

Sleeping in the lovely rooms is a divine experience; the rooms are great and everything is geared to offer maximum comfort.

Today Couples begins its special week of celebrations highlighting its fifteenth anniversary.

It has been fifteen wonderful years, and judging from the repeat visitors at this wonderful property, it will be here with us for a long, long time. For me Couples has lived up to its vaunted reputation.


Source: The Gleaner