Couples stand tall at cricket awards

Couples Hotel walked away proudly with the main prize – The John Issa Trophy – at Monday evening’s presentation ceremony of the St. Ann/ St. Mary hotel’ cricket competition at Boscobel Beach Hotel, St. Mary.

The hotel not only took the trophy and $70,000 first prize, but also had some players strolling back for individual awards for outstanding performances.

Couples stand tall at cricket awards

Garfield Silvera, who received the John Issa trophy from Joe Issa of SuperClubs, was recognized for scoring 103 runs at Sandals Dunn’s River.

Couples’ Paul Shakes earned the top bowling prize for his season-high 21 wickets.Silvera’s team mate, Roy Henry, also hit a century in the competition, 103 in the final against Enchanted Gardens – a performance that won him man of the match.

The prize for the top batsman, however went to Barrington Christie of Shaw Park, who hit 673 runs in 11 innings, including 103 against Club Caribbean.

Other individual performers honoured were:

  • Michael Sutton (Enchanted Gardens) – 140 vs.  Dunn’s River.
  • Seymour Wellington (Dunn’s River – 101 vs.  Jamaica Jamaica.
  • K Lawrence (Jamaica Jamaica) – 103 vs.  Dunn’s River.
  • Ainsley Edwards (Enchanted Gardens) –  105 vs.  Jamaica Grande and 102 vs.  Club Caribbean
  • Krishana Edwards (Enchanted Gardens) – 124 vs.  Jamaica Grande.
  • L. Brown (Dunn’s River) – 118 vs.  Shaw Park.
  • Leon Garrick (Club Caribbean) – 119 vs.  Sandals Dunn’s River and 103 vs.  Jamaica Jamaica.
  • D. Black (Club Caribbean) – 102 v Sandals Dunn’s River.
  • Richard Hoilett (Shaw Park) – 110 vs.  Sans Souci.
  • G. Donaldson (Enchanted Gardens) – five for 31 vs. Shaw Park.
  • T, McKenzie (Club Caribbean) – five for 18 vs Couples.
  • B. Coombs ( Enchanted Gardens) – five for 27 vs Jamaica Grande.
  • M. McIntosh (Club Caribbean) – six for 15 vs Jamaica Jamaica.
  • David McLean (Dunn’s River Falls) – five for 14 vs. Ciboney.
  • M. Rose (Jamaica Grande) – six for 30 vs.  Jamaica Jamaica.
  • D. Hodges (Jamaica Jamaica) – five for 36 vs Jamaica Grande.
  • H. Harris – five for 27.


Photo caption: Garfield Silvera (right) accepts the John Issa trophy from Joe Issa, senior vice president of SuperClubs. Others from left are Couples representatives, Oscar Hinds and Paul Shakes.


Source: The Observer