Educate the Children: An Authorised L.S.E Fund

Educate the Children An Authorised LSE FundThe Educate the Children Fund has just been set up at the L.S.E. Its objective is to help buy books for the poor of Caribbean countries. The selected country for 1986/87 is Jamaica, and the first prize of the raffle is a 10-day all-inclusive paid holiday for two at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. The winners will be flying with Virgin Air from London to Miami and with Air Jamaica from Miami to Montego Bay. Desnoes and Geddes donated five prizes, a case of Red Stripe, and Ray Miles’ C.M. Associates donated ten third prizes, one Jamaican t-shirt.

The final draw of the raffle on May 5th at 1.00pm in Room A85 will be drawn by Dr. Patel, Director of L.S.E.

The £1.00 tickets will be sold by fundraisers throughout the school and also in the LSE’s Union Shop and in E206, the Social and Services Secretary’s office (Babs Band). A stall will be open from 12pm to 2pm everyday in the lobby of the Old Building.

The fund has two campus responsibilities. A one-page fact sheet about the selected country is to be distributed by fund raisers. It must also invite a speaker from the selected country to talk about the country’s social, political and economic environment. Jamaica’s Acting High Commissioner stationed in London will launch the fund on January 29th at 6.00pm in room A85. Wine and cheese will be served after the function. Incidentally, it also marks Jamaica’s 25th anniversary.

It is important that this function is well attended to highlight the fact that LSE students really want to help make this world a better place.