Flair’s 10 Sexist Jamaican Men

This week we give you five of the ten men selected by readers as Jamaica’s sexiest. We asked them, “What in your view is the perfect date, this could be the person or occasion.”

These are their answers.

Flair's 10 Sexiest Jamaican Men

1.     Kingsley Cooper – “Time spent with a woman with a sparkling personality who is also bright, sexy and attractive, unfettered by stereotypical considerations, and expressing more than a hint of promise of things to come. This, preferably at one of God’s spectacular creation, such as Blue Hole in Portland, accompanied by exquisite sea food, fine wine and nature’s music (such as running water or the sound of birds) and the smell of the earth after rainfall.”

2.     Joe Issa – “My perfect date would be articulate, spiritual, enchanting and funny.”

3.     D.S.P. James Forbes – “My perfect date has to be the person with whom I share a common interest, with whom the body chemistry is synchronized in such a way that it sparks a fire. When our spirits can be at one and soar at the same altitude, then anywhere is good enough to for a date. If the spirits soar together, and the chemistry is right, you’ll have a heavenly feeling. But you can be in an exotic place and if these things are not right, the date is not perfect. My perfect date is someone with whom all the above are achieved.”

4.     Dr. David Panton – “The perfect date for me is a night with my wife.”

5.     Wykeham McNeil – “My idea of the perfect date would be with an interesting person in an intimate setting.”


Source: Flair