Flair’s 2000 list of the 10 sexiest Jamaican men

Well, it seems the definition of sexy has taken on added meaning, and this proves that women have their brains, not their hormones, between their ears. Many made the list, but the following were the most popular.

1.     Franklyn Rose was described by respondent as “sheer poetry in motion on the cricket field, and the owner of a great smile.”

2.     Hotelier and one of the heirs to the Issa fortune, Joe Issa is said to have a boyish charm and a smile that would melt butter.

3.     Pulse CEO, Kingsley Cooper, is aging like a fine wine.

Flair's 2000 list of the 10 sexiest Jamaican men

4.     Young politician, Dr. David Panton, “Lisa’s gain is every other Jamaican woman’s loss”.

5.     Businessman Gregory Maine, one look at this hunk and a girl can’t help thinking “…yum!”

6.     Singer/songwriter, Beres Hammond, forget the small package just take him home and let him sing you love songs forever.

7.     CCN’s James Forbes, looks great in uniform, is so well spoken and there’s just something about him….?

8.     Tourism’s Wykeham McNeil, just send him overseas and all single female tourists will be flocking to the island to fin their groove.

9.     The JF’s Linton Graham, handsome, cultured, suave and very charming gentleman.

10.  Actor Paul Campbell’s rugged good looks and brooding persona – quite sexy and Michael Anthony Cuffe continues to charm women of all age with his smooth voice.


Source: Flair