Fun all the way

Fun all the wayThe annual SuperClubs Invitational Golf Tournament held at the Breezes Golf resort playing course, was from all accounts, a tremendous success. Participant, from the first day of arrival, were given the royal treatment by the SuperClubs staff, headed by the hard working Heather Hudson whose mandate was to produce a first rate event.

Ms. Hudson did not disappoint. It was non-stop fun from the Thursday night ‘street dance’ party at Grand Lido Braco where guests couldn’t get enough of the oldies from the ‘70s and ‘80s, to the goodies extravaganza at the Hedonism III resort on Friday night.

The heat was turned down slightly on Saturday night at the Breezes Runaway Bay resort for an award ceremony where SuperClubs’ executive vice-president, Joe Issa, was the main speaker.


Source: The Gleaner