It was happy birthday Joey!

Peter and Donnia Bovell hosted a birthday party for Joe Issa to celebrate the big 4-0, and more than a hundred of his closest friends and associates were invited to share a beer or two with the birthday boy at Chris and Michelle Bovell’s (Peter’s parents) Jacks Hill home.

The winding Jacks Hill Road on December 2, was lined with cars as this was the must-be-seen-at party of the weekend with security so tight that not even invited guests were being let in without being given the third degree. Ever the magnanimous host, Chris Bovell soon put an end to the almost military style interrogation and the party guests were finally allowed to flow like the liquor being served.

It was Happy Birthday Joey!

The thickness of the crowd was a true testament to the number of persons jammed into the party area, and getting from one end to the next was tricky business. Some made it through, especially the women who had to take the necessary bathroom breaks, while other just jammed by the many flower gardens, outdoor stone seats and steps and made a night of it, buoyed by the music and the greetings of the many friends that passed to and fro.

It was hard work trying to find the man of the moment who was happily squeezed behind his very, pregnant wife Asha, who was absolutely glowing in her black and silver ensemble.

Always the more colourful of the species, the women’s mode of dress were of two extremes – most were content to be casually chic while a few dressed up complete with sequins in the various shades that are currently hot.

Donnia Bovell was in her element as the hostess of the night and was busy handing out tequilas, which turned out not to be the drink but rather a Trinidadian snack of salted prune –really and acquired taste for mot guests judging by their expressions. Well after midnight her husband, Peter, took the microphone and tried for several minutes to get the rowdy bunch to quiet down enough to say a few words. Realising it was futile, he switched gear and led in the singing of “Happy Birthday” to Joey, congratulated him on his newest acquisition, which should be making its arrival in January, then handed the mike to him.

Making it as quick and painless as possible, Joey thanked everyone who came out.

“Asha and I really appreciate this and I hope you are all around to help us pay the various loans when the time comes. Thanks a lot you guys!”

Among the mix of personalities were Spanish Ambassador Jesus Silva, Don and Ayesha Creary, P.J. Asher, Saleem Lazarus, Mark Shields, Tom and Rose Tavares-Finson, Jennifer Lim, Daryl Vas, Andre Hylton, Michael and Thalia Lyn, Blair Gonzales, James Robertson, Brian Ribbie Chung, Mark Myers, Aubyn and Tamara Hill, Jeanie Dixon, Andrea Benjamin, Roy and Sylvia Collister, Lee Issa, Dennis Hickey, Mark Wignall, Dwight Moore and Sutania Williams.

Picture caption: Birthday boy Joey Issa and hi pregnant wife, Asha, who is scheduled to deliver in January.


Source: North Coast Times