Issa Resorts rolls out red carpet for Paul Pennicook

When the Issa resorts rolls out the red carpet, they do so in grand style and nowhere was it more evident than last Tuesday night, at an impressive ceremony to honour president and CEO, Paul Pennicook at his posh St. Mary residence. And to make matters even more exciting it also happened to be the birthday of the dapper hotelier.

So a birthday party it also turned out to be, and the cream of Jamaica’s tourism industry and business and commerce were there to share in Pennicook’s special evening. And what an evening it turned out to be, with Della Manley serenading the birthday boy much to his obvious delight.

Issa Resorts rolls out red carpet for Paul Pennicook

The food. Mama Mia!  Mouth-wateringly delicious array of dishes with the grilled lobster and fish in batter being to die for. And not to mention the succulent shrimp, steak, chicken and pork. But if that wasn’t enough all the delicacies at the dessert table had everyone going back for seconds.

Alex Ghisays, Mr. Pennicook’s able executive assistant ensured the evening was perfect, while food service manager Ian Gardner was responsible for the delicious fare. Chairman of Issa Resorts, Lee Issa thanked Pennicook for his outstanding work in moving the hotel group forward, while the birthday boy pledged to continue working hard and giving back to Jamaica as much as possible.

Guests included: JHTA general manager Camille Needham, Custos Bobby Pottinger, Lionel Reid, St. Ann C of C president Eva Myers, SuperClubs’ Joey Issa, Jeg Mahta, Sue McManus and Heather Hudson; Ivy Walters, general managers Hugh Wint and Jeffery Boland, Ricardo Bowleg, Jeff McKitty, David Marshalleck, Frank Rance, Carrole Issa-Cartade, Paul and Orient Issa, Vanna Taylor, Trevor Horwell and Struan McKenzie.

Picture caption 1: SuperClubs Executive Vice President Joey Issa shares a thought with JHTA general manager Camille Needham at Issa Resorts’ tribute to Paul Pennicook, the able president and CEO.

Picture caption 2: Della Manley singing happy birthday to president and CEO of Issa Resorts Paul Pennicook at a function in his honor by the company.

Picture caption 3: Custos Bobby Pottinger (right) and SuperClubs’ Jeg Mehta, observing the festivities at Issa Resorts’ party to honour president and CEO Paul Pennicook.

Picture caption 4: Issa Resorts’ chairman Le Issa (left) and FDR mogul Frank Rance at a tribute to Isa Resorts president and CEO Paul Pennicook.

Picture caption 5: President of the St. Ann Chamber of Commerce Eva Myers, congratulating Issa Resorts president and CEO Paul Pennicook on his Hotelier of the Year award, as well as wishing him a happy birthday.

Picture caption 6: General manager of Couples Ocho Rios Hugh Wint is captivated by Vann Taylor at Issa Resorts’ party honouring president and CEO Paul Pennicook.

Picture caption 7: Hotelier Hope Markes (centre) has the rapt attention of businessman David Marshalleck (right) and journalist Ian Spencer at the Issa Resorts tribute to president and CEO Paul Pennicook.


Source: The Gleaner