Issa Snatches Braco

The John Issa owned SuperClubs resort Chain will extend its operational skills to include the Braco Village hotel in Trelawny, come November 1, 1997. The lease agreement was signed Friday night between Issa and Braco chairman Dr. Noel Leon. Come November Braco will be operated as a Lido resort. SuperClubs resort is Grand Lido in Montego Bay.

Sunday Herald understands that the Braco Village board made the decision to make a change in the operation of the hotel some time ago, and discussions were held with local and overseas resort chains. It is understood that Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart had strong interests in Braco Village for his Sandals chain, and had already planned organizational changes. However the signing of the lease agreement enabled SuperClubs to snatch Braco from the reach of Sandals and Issa sees this as a significant triumph over his long time competitor. Another interested party was the Le Meridien Group, which operates the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, which is soon to carry the name Le Meridien Jamaica.

Issa snatches Braco

As the new operators SuperClubs will be making a significant investment into Braco Village to bring the property up to their world renowned standard. Work is near completion on an additional 52 suites on the west of the main beach as well as a second swimming pool. As of November the hotel will operate with 235 rooms and suites, two swimming pools, a nine hole golf course and other sporting facilities.

John Issa told Sunday Herald that SuperClubs plans to improve the returns to the owners of the hotel over the lease period


Massive expansion

Meanwhile SuperClubs has started a massive expansion of its resorts in Jamaica and the eastern Caribbean. Observers say this is probably the largest investment being undertaken by a local or Caribbean based company at this time, as SuperClubs plans to double its size by the year 2000.

SuperClubs’ strategy is an attempt to wipe out its competition, Sandals, by breaking ground later this year for a five hundred room Breezes St. Lucia resort, Breezes Negril-200 rooms and Hedonism III-225 rooms in Runaway Bay. Meanwhile 60 to 80 rooms will be added to Hedonism 11, ten presidential suites to Grand Lido in Montego Bay, 60 units to Breezes Golf and Beach resort and 36 rooms to Sans Souci Lido.

Senior vice president of SuperClubs Joe Issa said the investment at this time when the country is facing difficulties and businesses are downsizing and closing their doors, because the strong companies must lead the way to maintain focus and hope for the country. As a result, last year the chain started pumping millions of dollars into an employee incentive programme, providing top performers with motor vehicles, lots of land and cash awards SuperClubs employees are reportedly the highest paid in the industry, something which strengthens its number one position and the company with the least amount of employees leaving for more lucrative fields.


Source: Sunday Herald