ISU Plans Projects

The International Students’ Union is a new organization instituted to foster improved communications between foreign student and the Holy Cross Community.

The executive board ISU includes Joe Issa ’88, president, Per Ostenberg’ 87 vice-president; Robert Lue ’86, secretary and treasurer, and Chris Burroughs’ 87 director of activities.  The moderator is Joanna E. Ziegler, associate professor of visual arts.

Increase Awareness

ISU Plans projects - The Crusader - February 22, 1985

Issa said that the goals of the organization are “to help  foreign students merge into the American way of life,” and “to make Holy Cross more aware of other countries’ social, political and cultural heritages”.

The officers expect support for the new organization to be strong, since many students attend the talks of returning J.Y.A. students, which suggests an eagerness of Holy Cross students to learn about the cultures of other countries.

There are currently 11 students who filed I-20 forms, which must list foreign students at the office of the registrar.  This figure is somewhat misleading, as many more students are not required to file I-20 forms, although they live outside the United States, including those from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.  The officers stress however that students form foreign countries as well as Americans are encouraged to join.

Provide learning opportunities

Issa also stressed that the organization “was not formed because foreign students are having a hard time adjusting”. Their chief concern is to provide learning opportunities between the foreign students and the rest of the student body.

The projects planned will depend on the general response and support of the students, as well as the funds available.  Some tentative ideas included a radio show on WCHC-FM, featuring music and student hosts from various countries, a foreign film festival, and an international quiz-trivia scavenger hunt.

Official Holy Cross literature recognizing foreign students is the group’s most ambitious objective.


Source: The Crusader