On the move in the U.K

On the Move in the U.K. - March 21, 1987Four reports suggest to us that West Indians – and particularly Jamaicans – are on the move in the U.K. Conscious of their roots, they have determined to do all in their power to foster the development of their home countries. While remaining loyal to their adopted country, and playing their full part as citizens, they have shown by their behavior that they believe strongly that development of Jamaica and other Caribbean islands is the noblest contribution they can make.

It is in this context that we salute the launching of the “Educate the Children Fund” of the London School of Economics. The Fund, a brainchild of Jamaican student Joe Issa was established to buy books for the poor children of the Caribbean countries. We endorse the commendation made by our Acting High Commissioner, Mr. Dale Anderson, of the LSE students for this initiative, and wish it every success.

We commend also the gaining by Mr. Mervin Douglas, J.P of Derby, England, of our respected Badge of Honour, the first purely Jamaican honour created in the late Fifties by National Hero Norman Manley. Mr. Douglas has given devoted service to the West Indian community in Derby for some 30 years, and though retired, he still gives the voluntary service to senior citizens in his community.

We were also pleased to not the Oxfam decision to assist the Jamaican Medical Aid and Education Support group started by Martell Forrester in Sheffield, U.K., and by other caring Jamaicans.

Oxfam reminded that Forrester and almost all his colleagues are volunteers and unemployed, and “to some extent Britain’s witting or unwitting racial attitudes to Caribbean people” – yet in two years they had set a fine example of what is best in the development movement – a spirit of partnership, human dignity and others.” Morant Bay Hospital has already benefitted from equipment sent by this group.

Finally, we commend Mr. Courtney Lawes and his colleagues for their success in establishing a new club house the Domino Club of Brixton-Lambeth. Lord Scarman opened the club on January 26 and former Professor of Education at the University of West Indies, John Figuero, gave the main address. This club will further help to reduce racial tensions in Brixton, and the initiative of our Jamaicans in that community is most praiseworthy.


Source: The Gleaner