New scholarship fund opened for Jamaican students

A Holy Cross/Jamaica scholarship is to be offered once every four years to a less privileged Jamaican student attending one of the Jesuit High Schools, St. Georges’ College or Campion College.

New scholarship fund opened for Jamaican students

The primary intent in the establishment of the scholarship is to “cement the links between Holy Cross, the New England Jesuits, and Jamaica,” a news release says.

According to the statement from the organisers of the scholarship, Jamaica is one of the most indebted countries in the world. It has an acute shortage of foreign exchange, and progress is being hindered by a high illiteracy rate estimated at about 50 percent. The island suffers from “a lost generation of talented and educated citizens.”

As a result of political and economic instability in the past, “many good people emigrated. Now, those who remain and have an education enjoy a tremendous advantage, and their beliefs and principles, whether good or bad, influence their method of managing. It is hoped that the educational advantage of the recipient — a Holy Cross graduate – would be used to further not only individual goals, but community goals in Jamaica as well.

The scholarship is to be structured so that the beneficiary feels compelled to give something back to the Jamaica community and the schools which made the scholarship possible.

The Scholarship Committee as the Jamaica end, will consist of the Principal of St. George’s College (Father Hughs), the principal of Campion College (Mr. McKay, a vocational guidance counselor, a member from the board of one of these schools (preferably a person who presently sits on both boards), and a member from the private sector whose resources have not been significantly tapped in the regard (he/she would most likely chair the committee).

The Scholarship will be open to graduates of Campion College and St. George’s College (both in Kingston), and will be awarded every four years to a graduate of one of these schools.

The candidate must meet the following requirements:

*was born in Jamaica and if not, of parents who have been domiciled in Jamaica either at the time of his/her birth or during the whole of the five (5) years immediately preceding his/her date of graduation;

*is a person of good character, possesses leadership qualities and is no older than nineteen (19) at date of application;

*satisfies the requirements for admission to Holy Cross College.

Successful candidates must return to Jamaica for a period of four (4) years immediately following completion of his/her course of study.

Failing this, the student would be expected to repay the whole or an appropriate proportion (as decided by the scholarship committee) of the Jamaican supported share of the scholarship funds, plus interest. The funds would be used to help other winners of the scholarship.


Source: The Jamaica Record