Plans underway to upgrade ‘Ochi’

Ocho Rios, St. Ann – Plans to upgrade and beautify the resort town of Ocho Rios are being worked on by a number of business entities in the area.

Discussions are also taking place with the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) for them to give the go ahead and based on the outcome, the project, should begin as early as next month.

Sanju Chantani, a spokesperson for Taj Mahal Shopping Centre one of the entities involved in the planning, explains that the project should give relevant areas in the town much needed lift, as it will take in the planting of trees and flowers.

Plans underway to upgrade 'Ochi'

Mr. Chantani said, “For a while now I have been thinking about this project. It is quite obvious that Ocho Rios needs some dressing up and someone has to take the initiative.

“We are hoping to get as much support as possible from everyone, including the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) as we all stand to benefit from this venture,” he said.

Recently, the Sustaining the Environment and Tourism (SET) through the Tourism Product Development Company Ltd.TPDCo, unveiled a plan for the landscaping of the town and the upgrading of the Clock Tower Park.

Mr. Chantani welcomes this proposal and is hoping that everyone will work together with the goal of making Ocho Rios the “envy of other resort areas.”

He said, “If we can all get together and make this happen, it will speak volume as to what we can accomplish in this town. The mere fact, though, that we are in dialogue with each other on this project, a complete contrast to the bickerings of recent months,is not only a good sign, but an accomplishment in itself.”

Meanwhile, TPDCo Chairman Danny Melville has revealed that his board had allocated $1.5 million for the development of the Ocho Rios Marine Park and other beautification projects.

St. Ann Chamber of Commerce President and Senior Vice President of the SuperClubs, Joseph Issa is also encouraged by the beautification project.

Mr. Issa said, “The St. Ann Chamber supports any venture initiative or plan to improve the aesthetic beauty of Ocho Rios as the town remains cocooned in squalor to the detriment of its main industry, which is tourism.”


Source: The Gleaner