Sans Souci Lido’s Spa: the ‘perfect fountain of youth’

A world famous, five-star Jamaican north coast hotel boasting a spa with renowned therapeutic powers that adds as much to the property’s popularity as its sandy beaches, its cuisine and all around elegant ambience?

Not so easy to find!

But, SuperClubs’ latest addition, the elegant Sans Souci Lido near Ocho Rios is just the place, tucked away on the edge of a cliff just slightly east of bustling downtown Ocho Rios. And now it’s wooing and winning an international clientele as never before in its over 20-year history.

Sans Souci Lido's Spa: the 'perfect fountain of youth'

Not that spa is the crowing jewel in the feather of fabulous Sans Souci Lido. But, it adds a touch of class and panache to a resort that offers its clientele just about everything, pampering its guest with just about all the heart can want.

“Our famous spa can be described as a major plus to our many and varied top flight facilities!” says youthful Joe Issa, San Souci Lido’s creative, gregarious 28-year-old general manager. “It has been rejuvenated, itself, so to speak, in that more and more of our guests find themselves being attracted to it!”

Many persons describe San Souci Lido’s spa as the perfect fountain of youth – and for very good reason.

Because, it revives the spirit with youthful refreshment, stimulating balms and tender feeling that make guests keep coming back for more.

The spa has an interesting history and origin. One documentation puts it this way:

“From as far back as the 1700s the mineral spring at Sans Souci Hotel Club and Spa (the previous name of the property before SuperClubs took it over) on Jamaica’s north coast has been mentioned in Jamaican history books as being excellent for health purposes, particularly for rheumatism, arthritis and skin problems. Since the dawn of the century people from the village of Ocho Rios would gather on a Sunday morning to take a dip in the curative waters of this mineral spring.”

And so it is even today.

The property now known as Sans Souci Lido has developed dramatically over the years. And the people still keep coming by the droves to see if they can be healed by the property’s wondrous waters.

Sans Souci Lido’s mineral pool area saw its biggest development during the summer of 1986. The grand facelift took just about seven months and was completed in January 1987.

Now, it is a fully equipped health spa, utilising to the fullest the mineral spring and its legendary healing amenities.

Leading German spa specialist Dr. Hans Gockel attests to the authenticity of the spring’s healing powers saying that it rivals some of Europe’s leading and most famous spas.

It has a fully equipped fitness programme for in house guests and locals, alike. A six-day ‘spa programme’ allows guests to go through a glorious fitness programme, and this includes a brisk walk in the mornings, a stretching and flexing workout , and then low impact aerobics.

But that’s not all. One can also work out at the state-of-the-art fitness centre which features a treadmill, a stair master and stationary cycles. Then, it’s off to lunch, after which participants can join the ‘aquacise’ class, in the mineral pool.

The ‘mineral retreat’ offers one more, after all of that: an invigorating body treatment with a choice of either a manicure, a pedicure, or facial.

Still, they’re not finished with you just yet! Participants can round off the day by taking a half-hour session of further massages and ‘reflexology’ treatment.

Exercise, anyone?


Source: The Gleaner