Well Daahlings and Dearioos, people are still absolutely talking about the swelleganza of a reception that HE French Ambassador Pierre-Antoine Berniard and his simply elegant wife Luisa Berniard hosted on the absolutely wonderful grounds, that house the Hillcrest Avenue Estate, that is home to the French Embassy here in Kingston.

My Dears, you all know the French are fiercely loyal people to anything  Fraawnch and how! Now Doves, y’all know there is nothing more Fraawnch than Bastille Day and as the occasion was indeed Bastille Day, the affaire was definitely a microcosm of everything French, the pomp, tradition, and of course their celebrated penchant for fab-cuisine, wines and haute-style. Well, it was all present in the mix a few Saturdays ago, as the French community here, the diplomatic and consular Corp a well a members of Snaan Andrew’s social elite and a few members of the ruling political nomenclature, were out sharing in the festivities.

SocialAnd as if to outdo the showers that fell earlier, dampening the elegantly manicured lawns, causing a number of stiletto-heeled ladies out to struggle with their gait and balance, as if to bring an even keel to the affaire, it poured champagne like nobody’s business, all adding to the sense of fabulousness to the occasion. We are talking absolutely fabulous, here and then some!

Dovecakes, it was a case of the party in two parts, as right after the reception hosted by Ambassador Berniard, guests moved en masse to the neighbouring grounds of Alliance Francaise de la Jamaique, where the Bastille Day Fete was in progress and how! Doves, it was all about the celebration and celebrate they did, with the elan and panache known only to the French.

And yes, indeed, people are still talking, and little wonder, as a thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever, and this was one very beautiful affaire.

Then caught up with the prime minister of the twin island republic Trinidad and Tobago, Basdeo Panday, last Sunday at the Stony Hill estate home of security mogul Kenny Benjmin, and what a groove it was!

Dears, the prime minister who had jetted in earlier for a Caricom summit with prime minister Blair from Britain, took time out from a round of official meetings and receptions to visit with Benjamin, his old friend for a taste of the latter’s celebrated ethnic Indian culinary Sunday night offerings, and for my world, what fabulously entertaining evening it was!

Luvs, for the visiting prime minister, it was clearly a case of being at ease, as following upon his arrival and going around and introducing himself to the many guests, some old friends and acquaintances, he got right into the groove of the evening. The groove here being a laid-back easy conversational mode that prevailed up until dinner. And when in making the rounds, the prime minister walked into cricketing legends Courtney Walsh and Jeffery Dujon it was a case of long lost friends embracing each other with the warmth and affection of the bong of friendship.

Missed last Friday’s Peru’s Independence Day reception, hosted by Peruvian Ambassador HE Humberta Urteaga and his lovely wife Marcela Rocha, at their Norbrook Heights, St. Andrew residence, but the word was it was all fab!

Apologies all around…

And speaking of Independence Day, the lovely Cindy Breakspeare is currently in British Columbia, where she is the keynote speaker invited to give an Independence Day address, to the Jamaican community there.

More later.

And so, the John Issa inspired and led SuperClubs chain of fiercely fabulous resorts and properties turned 25, on July 25th. Well to commemorate the milestone, the Issas threw a divinely elegant reception over there at the Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel, over there on Knutsford Boulevard that was easily the Do of the season.

And, why not! After 25 years of perfecting the art of providing innovative and entertaining resort that have garnered an international reputation for fabulousness and service, with a repeat guest base that some would die for, indeed SuperClubs does have a lot to celebrate.

Mind you all, while it was SuperClubs 25th anniversary, it was indeed, an occasion that all Jamaica should celebrate as save and except the inescapable fact that SuperClubs has been one of our major brad basket as people, over the years, the resort ha enjoyed such international celeb status and recognition.

In the meantime however, what is now acknowledged as one of the world’s leading resort group, SuperClubs, that had its beginning on the ands of Negril, when the Negril Beach Village became Hedonism II, has grown and expanded to embrace the ever diverse tourism marketplace with a number of resort brands, from the very upscale and definitely high-brow Lido Resorts; the family oriented Breezes destination and the definitely pulsating and racy Hedonism flagship resorts.

With resorts now in Cuba, Brazil, and the Bahamas, John Issa and his wife Aida Issa, their children Joey Issa, Zein Nakash and her twin sister Muna Issa, can all take pride in the family-empire they have created.

Anyway, My Daahings, it was all about the Issas and their fabulous achievement! Theirs is not a case of mere standing still and waiting out the years and then patting oneself on the back. If there ever was a case for Solid Achievement, this was it! A factor not lost on the many business leaders and eminent citizens who attended at the Grand Ballroom of the Le Meridien Pegasus Hotel last Wednesday night to share in the celebrations.

Upon arrivals, guests were greeted at the entrance to the ballroom by receiving line headed by the Issa Family, headed by the very charming Aida Issa, her husband two daughters and son completing the clan.

Well My Dears, for those attending the 25th anniversary reception in Kingston last week, this sense of styles was very much in full-flight in the charmingly decorated ballroom of the Le Meridien, as the ballroom was done-up to reflect the ease and sophistication that is the trademark of SuperClubs resorts, with mini replicas of the resorts adorning a number of strategically placed display stations. But the one drawing more and more onlookers was the simply naff display, done-up in chocolate and wax depicting the Valentine’s Day mass-nude wedding over at the very chic Hedonism III, in Runaway Bay, St. Ann.

Dears, the little bit of in-your-face fab-dom must have been quite uncomfortable for those who distanced themselves from the wedding at the time, but were very much in attendance celebrating, with the Issas on this the occasion of their silver anniversary. Luvs, it made for one fabulously interesting night!

Talk about precious! It was like that and more! The more being the ort of quiet hush that settled on the room with the arrival of Prime Minister Patterson.

And oh, my word, the fare on offer! Children, it was nothing but the civilized best on offer! Talk about diet-buster? Well Doves, this was it an emphasized in capital letters!

And then to crown an evening of near royal proportions, there was a sumptuous array of guests sharing the occasion. Government ministers Portia Simpson-Miller and Dr Peter Phillips were in attendance; also spotted opposition Senator James Robertson and MPs Audley Shaw, Delroy Chuck and Mike Henry.

French Ambassador Pierre-Antoine Berniard and wife Luisa Berniard; Cuban Ambassador Jose-Pierda Rencurell and his beautiful wife Mercedes Rencurell; Lady Gladys Bustamante; Al Nakash and his wife the absolutely lovely Su Nakash, their son Chris Nakash, (Zein’s hubby); former First Lady, the supremely elegant looking Beverly Anderson-Manley; Earl and Beverly Levy; Dr Ralph Thompson and his charming wife Dodi Thompson; Chris Bovell and hi fashion Czarina of a wife Michelle Bovell, their son Peter Bovell squiring his new belle.

Richard Fontaine was also out; as were: Kevin Hendrickson; Patrick Bailey; Josef Frostmayr; Seragh and Effie Lakasingh; Peter Bunting; the fabulous mother/daughter duo of Carlene and Sophia MaxBrown; Paul Pennicooke; Drs. David and Carolyn Gomes; Brent Ciurlino is definitely squiring the lovely Dr Kim Brown; James Samuels; Dr David Panton and his wife Lisa Hanna; Don Wehby; Chris Dehring; Barbara Blake-Hanna and son Makonnen Blake-Hanna.

Fay Pickersgill was there; also spotted the recently injured Christopher Castriota was out in a wheelchair and was the sensation as many a guest gathered around him to offer him words of support.

Indeed, it was a smasheroni of an event, and now bring on another 25 years.

Picture caption: French Ambassador Pierre-Antoine Berniard (left) shares a moment with TFS International Financial Consultants, Janet Farrow and Brent Ciurlino at the recent Bastille Day celebrations, held one the ground of the Hilcrest Avenue French Embassy.


Source: The Observer