Social Lives

Oh Dear! And doubly so!!

Doves, it’s that time of the Diplomatic season again!

You know, that dreaded time when the tenure comes to an end and ‘the good friends we meet,’ move on?

Well, Children, sadly, we are smack in the middle of the departure season, again, with the social calendar abuzz with farewell parties and receptions.

And o, with some five and one-half years, His Excellency, Sergio Arruda, the Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Brazil and his very beautiful wife, Geo Arruda, will leave Jamaica, for their homeland on the instant of the 17th, signaling the end of their tenure here.

Social Lives

To say farewell, after they themselves guested at a virtual swirl of receptions, lunches and dinners hosted in their honour by their diplomatic colleagues, the many friends and associates, with whom they bonded during their tenure, here, last Thursday, the Arrudas threw a farewell reception at the swanky Hilton Kingston Ballroom, that for many in attendance, was a tear-jerker.

It was some sage that said – ‘partying is such sweet sorrow’.

For many this may indeed be so, for others however, there is no sweetness in the sorrow of partying, only dread, at the loss of good friends, their attending fellowship and indeed good society. For many, the impending departure of the Arrudas was all about plain old sorrow, not about sweetness.

And little wonder here, as during their tenure here, Ambassador and Mrs. Arruda have been infinitely skilled craftsmen in the art of practicing modern international diplomacy.

Doves, the Arrudas were not merely office holders of the title diplomats, they were fine and skilled practitioners of the art of diplomacy, that led to an era of unprecedented co-operation and great understanding of the Peoples of Brazil and Jamaica, both at the public and private sector level. One recall with fond memories, the efforts and co-operative efforts that led to the international debut of the Reggae Boys, at the 1998 World Cup in France.

That was then, since that historic and somewhat nationalistic achievement, there have been more, even if somewhat less heralded areas of co-operation between both countries, that have undoubtedly redounded to the benefit of the peoples of both Countries, during Ambassador Arruda’s tenure, more-so to the benefit of Jamaica at large.

And so it was, that for the many who attended the Arrudas, farewell reception, it was with a heavy heart based on the sense of impending loss.

TurtleDoves, the reception was one very lovely number. Aam-a-talking truly fabulous here! There was, however, an air of somberness to it all, as the Arrudas truly endeared themselves to their friends to the Jamaican community as well as their diplomatic colleagues during their stay and their impending departure presented none with a cause for celebration!

Dears, in a ballroom packed to capacity and buzzing with the heady mix occasioned by a gathering of the all-powerful, high society, politicos and the literati, it was an almost teary-eyed Ambassador Arruda, who summed up his years of service here in a three-minute speech that for all it’s brevity, contained an enormous amount of detailed information on the achievements and areas of co-operation effected during his tenure.

One such area of bi-lateral co-operation between private sector interests here and in Brazil, is the area of tourism. In acknowledging and celebrating the strides made in this area, as one of his last official acts, Ambassador Arruda, used the occasion of his farewell Do, to confer the highest decoration awarded by the Brazilian government, to exemplary non-Brazilian achievers, the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross.

And so it was that last Thursday, on the eve of his departure, from Jamaica Ambassador Sergio Arruda, on behalf of the people and president of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Fernando Cardoso, presented his Country’s highest order awarded to a non-Brazilian, the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross to international hotel tycoon and international “A” crowder, the Hon John Issa, the insignia and diploma, admitting him to the honour.

Well, for international hotelier John Issa, whose SuperClubs chain of resorts run the gamut from the tame, the upscale and the racy, this was yet another achievement in an enviable list of awards and citations presented to him, honouring the international success his SuperClubs brand of resorts have carved out in international tourism circles. And with resorts in Cuba, the Bahamas, of course his home territory of Jamaica and now the Costa Do Sauipe Breezes, Brazil, the bestowing of the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross, to this esteemed son of Jamaica, is indeed, yet another deserving esteemed honour.

It was a family affaire for the honouree, with wife, the charmingly regal, Aida Issa their children Joey Issa twin daughters Muna Issa and Zein Nakash; Zein’s in-laws Al and Su Nakash, she as elegant as ever – all out sharing the occasion.

It was also a diplomatic tour de force.

Among the dignitaries present included: Minister Burchell and Joline Whiteman, he being the first and only other Jamaican to be presented with the Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross; Opposition members of parliament Mike Henry and Delroy Chuck, his wife Pat Chuck; Hugh Hart, who jetted in from the Cayman Islands on his private jet for the occasion; security conglamateur Kenny Benjamin, was also present; as was his former wife the lovely Susie Benjamin; Charlie Johnston and his beautiful wife Lisa McGreggor; Oliver Jones.

Dr David and Maria Coore; Dr Matthew Beaubrun; Neville Alexander an his celebrated wife, artist Susan Alexander, they just celebrated their 50th year of marriage; Peter and Fay Bangerter; Paul and Becky Stockhausen; Eran Spiro, who contrary to earlier assertions, will not be migrating; Peter and Dawn MacCauley; Dr Bernard and Andrea Benjamin; national football coach, Clovis DeOliveira; Alystair McBeth.

The extended Issa SuperClubs Resorts family was represented by: VP Sam James; Kevin Levee, the very charming Marilyn Cornelius; Joseph and Evelyn Smith; Anil and Rajni Sud; and Pierre Battaglia.

Daalings, the truth is – share a good social secret and in all probability one runs the risk of spoiling it!

Anyway, for those in the know, and we do mean those with trend-setting discriminating taste, who are the final arbiters of what’s hot! And what’s not! Fab-style, hot spots, etc!

Anyway, the now buzz within the hollow halls of fabdom is all about the hot-spot of the moment is that charmingly quaint little place over there in Port Royal, operated by the lovely Johanna Lewin, named, arrestingly enough – Why Not On The Deck!

Dears, the place is cooking!

My Dears, last Wednesday the simply fab-looking former ‘First Lady’ Mitzy Seaga, celebrated another birthday.

There was no paparazzi however, as this was a quiet family affaire with san Andrew Seaga, jetting in from his studies in the USA, to join sister Annabella Seaga and a number of friends, who all motored over to Port Royal, to Why Not On The Deck, no less, celebrate the especial occasion.

Dove, it was a surprise to Mitzy Seaga, who thought she was out for a quiet night with her two children, only to find that a small group of friends had indeed gathered to make the affaire a very special occasion.

Indeed, for the former ‘First Lady’, it was one very, very special occasion. With Johanna Lewin acting as the co-ordinating hostess, a radiant looking Mitzy Seaga and guests were treated to a fare that boasted fish-soup, corn-on-the-cob, roasted breadfruit served up with what some guests described as the most delicious ever, jerked-pork and escoveitched fish.

Dinner taken the small gathering began dancing to a medley of oldies music, when the rains came, the party simply got their umbrellas and started dancing under their brollies, between the raindrops. It made for a memorable occasion and then some!

Closer to midnight the party took to a sing-along Karioki style and began partying a-new and when the birthday celebrant and her two children took the microphone and did one fabulous family trio, there were those in the party that were moved to tears, overjoyed by the spirit of fabulousness that prevailed through it all.

What a night! What a celebration! Doves, it was all about love and more love!

Especial champagne wishes My Dear and many fabulous returns!

And champagne wishes to Frances Allison and Mothers all over, on this commemorative Day, dedicated to the celebrations of motherhood. May the spirit of the joy of motherhood be your constant companions!

Picture caption 1: John Issa, the recipient of the prestigious Brazilian Order of the Southern Cross, and his wife Aida.

Picture caption 2: Outgoing ambassador Arruda and education minister, Burchell Whiteman, the first recipient of the award.

Picture caption 3: The fabulously lovely Mitzy Seaga and her beautiful daughter Annabella Seaga are caught on camera sharing a special moment at a quiet birthday Do, hosted by a small group of friends in honour of the former ‘First Lady’.


Source: The Observer