Social Lives

On this the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the great Jamaican, Edna Manley, Mother of the Jamaican art movement, commendations to Aaron Matalon, chairman of the Edna Manley Foundation, for spearheading the centennial celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the front-runner ad patriot, particularly the commissioning of the Edna Manley Gallery. Her was a life dedicated to assisting the cause of forging a new nation identity in politics, the arts and cultural expression – the role of cradle and fount and as such, fostered a new political an social awareness and cultural references…

Special commendations also to the Edna Manley College, on this the occasion of the institutions 50th anniversary and to it’s illustrious principal, Rheima Scarlett, for the dedication and leadership she provides at this critical juncture in the institution’s continued nurturing and development of the country’s creative minds – fulfilling the mandate of its patron, the late Edna Manley.

Social Lives

Well, with the visit of the Prince of Wales, to our fair isle last week ending on Tuesday, the hottest social ticket in this here city of ours, this here weekend past, contrary to popular belief, was not the mass reception hosted on the grounds of the British High Commission, Trafalgar House, on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston, but rather last Sunday’s reception and supper hosted by hotel magnate, John Issa and his charming socialite wife, Aida, at their St Andrew residence. This, my dears, was not only thee hottest ticket of the Royal visit, it was a social coup d’etat, in a society quite till besotted with blue-blooded royals.

On touching down last Sunday, at the Norman Manley Airport, the heir to the British throne was officially greeted at the airport by the Sir Howard Cooke, who after dispensing with the required introductions and protocol, took Prince Charles directly to the Issas’ residence for what was an exquisite evening steeped in royal grace and punctuated by civilizing good taste. The affaire was strictly for the bon-ton, and my word, it was like that!

The Issas were hosting a Round Table Meeting organized by the Prince of Wale Business Leaders Forum, which saw HRH participating in the discussions along with other business leaders from Jamaica, the United States, Barbados, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The meeting adjourned, guests retired to the elegant gardens of the Issas’ city estate. Graciously lit with Georgian lanterns, the pink bombast tree in full bloom and its base dramatically lit, elicited a number of comments and admiration from the eco-friendly and aware Prince.

With the sound of the waterfall providing a lulling effect to the evening; a Cuban duo entertaining on violin and guitar, supper – a rich repast of lobster, shrimp, stuffed crab-back, ham, roast beef, salads, pecan pies, plus other fab dishes – was taken. Catered by the Le Meridien Jamaica Pegasus, it made for a fabulous feast, with rice dish with gungo peas proving a favourite of the visiting Prince. It was way into the night that HRH took his leave of the august international gathering, a number of guests remarking, “Indeed it was a right royal affair.”

Among those guesting were: British High Commissioner Antony Smith; Robert Davies, the CEO of the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum; Maurice Facey, chairman PanJam Investment Trust; Joey Issa senior VP SuperClubs; Peter Moses president of the PSOJ; John Irving president of D&G; JHTA president, James Samuels; Tal Stokes newly appointed chairman of the Prince of Wales Business Leader Trust;  Brent Willis, president of Coca-Cola Venezuela and Colombia; John Bell, CEO and director general Caribbean Hotel Association; David Rees, District general manager for the Caribbean and Bermuda DHL;  Jesus Moreno-Portalatin, president Helados Bon (ice cream concern out of the Dominican Republic); VP Venezuelan/American Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Herrera-Vaillant; Dr Luis Marcano Coello, the founding director of the Simon Bolivar UWC of Agriculture Venezuela; Karen Ford-Warner, deputy secretary general Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Barbados; and Dr Trevor Carmichael QC, chairman Barbados Youth Business Trust.

And yes, it was quite the do!

Well, my dears, it seems that the month of March will definitely belong to Hedonism Resorts! Oh my child, it is gong to be sweltering something fierce as both Hedonism II and Hedonism III open their fabulous hedonistic doors to the international party crowd and the local party animals who will all be descending on the Hedonism resorts to party the month away.

Daalings, if there is a down-turn in tourist arrivals, no one seems to have told the international jet-setting party crowd, who have all confirmed their attendance for a series of simply fabulous party event over at Hedonism II in Negril and Hedonism III in Runaway Bay, St Ann. Sweethearts, it promises to be a smasheroni and then some! And trust moi, it will definitely not be a time for the faint of heart, or Bible-thumping revivalists. Darling, it simply won’t be that type of party.

So okay, here’s the dish: It is all about Spring Break over in Negril. So Hedonism II will be geared towards fun and more fun as the Spring Breakers from up North America troupe in to take Negril apart at the seams as they seek to make it the Spring Break Party Capital of the World. Now, with some joint promotions scheduled between Hedonism Resorts and Margueritaville, y’all know there will be hell to pay in Negril. Tell y’all some thing – we are betting on it. Anyway, meanwhile over at Hedonism III, they are planning The Mother OF All Party Marathons. They too are planning a Spring-Breaker’s paradise and it will be all about living on the wild side, and dear it’s happening already!

Dovecakes, the Hedonism III March Madness begins on the 4th with the arrival of the Lifestyles Group from Miami. Luvs, they will be on property through March 11 and living it up to the hedonistic max. Throw in the Fetish Fantasy Showcase on the 7th, From Russia With Love on the 8th, and you all know we’re talking divine madness.

And Dears, it gets better! March 11th through 18th it will be the best staging of the Ms Swimsuit International Spring Break contest, as well as the Jamaican leg of the Swimsuit International Model search. Throw into this mix  a whole mix of Wet T-Shirt contests; Body-Shots parties; Mr Body-Beautiful; Ms Gorgeous; Pajama and Lingerie parties; plus a whole lot more, ad you all know we re talking fabulous madness here!

And Yes!! It will definitely be that kind of party – the kind that you party till you drop!!!

So here we are – It’s March, so let the Games begin!!


Source: The Observer