Spectacular Show indeed but crowd was poor

Spectacular show indeedWhat should have been one of the biggest cabaret concerts in Ocho Rios was a total disappointment although very good performances came from the performers on the bill.

The Cabaret Spectacular held at the Ruins At The Falls in Ocho Rios on Saturday, November 24, 2001 was not what many persons thought it would be.

A show that got off to a very late start saw only a few persons turning out to enjoy the line up of artiste that was provided for them.

Energy Plus Band, a very vibrant and energetic group of young men got the patron into the mood for a very exciting show. Although the patrons were very few in number, MC Marlene Stephenson really had it going, working the crowd to get the right mood.

Rastafarian artists Sabrina Williams gave a very good perform and got even better when she called on veteran singer Theo Stoddart. The two performed “Turn your lights down low”.

Judi Emanuel also performed well on stage and while her performance was very short it was a spicy one that gave the audience their money’s worth. Among the songs she did: “I can’t help falling in love with you” and “I will always love you” which pleased the audience immensely.

Joan Dixon was the next performer and received a standing ovation. Her performance was exceptional and took the audience back to the old days when she did “I will survive”, “Young hearts run free”, “Jamaican sunshine” and “Simply the best”.

Veteran cabaret singer Nicky O.J. was most prolific and had to do little to solicit the audience’s response as he performed songs such as “Trapped” by Jimmy Cliff and Michael Jackson’s newest hit song on the market “You Rock My World”

Featured artiste for the evening, Lt. Stitchie, who has been spreading the Word of God through his inspiring songs even in the dance hall, gave his usual best.

The artiste had the patrons sending praises to God and his performance on stage was well received. He proved to the patrons that Gospel Music is alive and can please any and everybody. He did the usual “Lord I Thank You”, “Fast and Pray” “Grocery Basket” and “I will do them no more” among others.

Also in performance was Egbert Evans a saxophonist.

Although the patrons were few in number the evening turned out to be spectacular and one that was very enjoyable.

Picture caption: SuperClubs senior vice president Joe Issa with Lt Stitchie one of the stars on the Spectacular Show last weekend.


Source: North Coast Times