SuperClubs salutes its Super Team in Style

Some hotels are just into innovation. Hotels like SuperClubs resorts. In one all-inclusive thrust, they’ve given new meanings to “hedonism”, transformed the image of Jamaica as a tourism destination and are at the same time making a life a breeze for those who work with them.

Twenty years after the first revolutionary concept – the gratuity scheme – became an actuality, one of the younger connoisseurs of SuperClubs Resorts, Joe Issa, has masterminded another trailblazer dubbed The People Development/Staff Incentive Programme.

Geared towards employee rejuvenation and interaction, the staff incentive programme aims to reward outstanding employees, who have remained loyal to SuperClubs has used its gratuity and other Schemes to offer employees “a share in the prize”, “You can’t have your cake and eat it” is by all indications not applicable here.

SuperClubs salutes its Super Team in Style

This year, in keeping with their 20th anniversary celebrations, SuperClubs staff is definitely having their cake and eating it.

Last Thursday, on the beautifully tended lawns of Breezes Runaway Bay, screams of excitement and cheers erupted after 21-year-old, Olivene Henry, a secretary in the personnel department of the host hotel picked the lucky number in a land raffle to become the owner of a lot of land valued at some J$400,000.

She was one of 20 employees from various departments of the five SuperClubs properties – Sans Souci Lido, Hedonism, Breezes, Runaway Bay, Breezes Montego Bay, Boscobel Beach – who were nominated by their supervisors.

Wearing a tentative but happy smile, Olivene received her prize from Vice President for Development and Special Projects, Joe Issa.

“I didn’t really want to get involved,” a breathless Olivene cheered on by her colleagues explained in a brief reply “I don’t know. I feel so good.”

In his address, Mr. Issa elucidated the various incentives that SuperClubs has designed for its staff. “We are committing J$20 million this year and over the next 20 years which will make a total of J$400 million.” There seems to be no limit to SuperClubs’ generosity, as according to Mr. Issa, since the year started, 58 employees have been granted full scholarships to universities abroad where they are pursuing Masters and Bachelors degree programmes.

“This month we are  giving away 10 full scholarships,” he added.

In July, a Toyota Corolla was given away, just like that, and we hear that this is going to be done every other month! And the land raffles on a monthly basis. No wonder SuperClubs has reported a substantial

Increase in the number of job applications they have received. It  can’t get any better than this.

While some hotels take on staff according to their occupancy levels and season, SuperClubs boast of “guaranteeing” permanent employment of all our staff.”

“We’ve always been generous to our employees” Vice President for Human Resources, Noel Brown stated. “we’re blazing the trail. I can’t think of any hotel, any country that’s doing this for their employees.”

“The revolutionary ‘People Development Programme’ not only makes us number one today and the number one yesterday, it reinforces that we will definitely be number one tomorrow,” Joe Issa noted.


You’d think after all that excitement that would be that for the day, No way! Some 50 employees, specially selected from all the properties were treated to a Supersplash party at the James Bond Beach Club, Oracabessa in St. Mary.

SuperClubs management and line staff mixed and mingled with members of the media. It was a welcome opportunity to unwind and bask in the luxury of sea and sun, a white sand beach, “nuff” food and frolic.

There was not a boring moment in the activity-packed day as persons jostled for the five minute helicopter rides provided by Helitours, while the more enterprising experimented with parasailing and took turns pedalling kayaks…( and what fun) created at the spray jet skiing.

A sound system kept the pace lively, especially with the “Macarena” song which is a hit with the hotel people by the looks of it, while the bar kept the drink flowing.

Some “craz-e-e” entertainment coordinators who were there demonstrated how they keep the tourists coming, stirring laughter with their different impromptu competitions and games.

There was enough of everything at SuperClubs 20th anniversary Supersplash party good fun, good company, good food.

To put the icing on the cake (or is eat off more like it?), at the end of the day, more SuperClubs generosity traded hands, as one employee from each of the five properties were awarded gift vouchers valued at $12,500.

Another female employee, Jennifer Sterling of Breezes, Montego Bay went home J$25,000 richer than she came after she copped the main prize, a gift voucher from Courts. The celebrations continue in full swing this weekend at Hedonism, Negril.

Picture Caption: Joe Issa (l) vice president for development and special projects at SuperClubs looks on as the Helitour helicopter gets ready to take off on one of its five-minute scene tours around the Bay. The treat added a special touch to the SuperClubs Supersplash party/Fun day held for employees and guests at James Bond Beach, Oracabessa two Thursdays ago. A member of the Media (in black) waits his turn.