SuperClubs Twins local, US Schools

The Three Hills All Age School in St. Mary is being twinned with the Broward Elementary School Tampa, Florida, USA, in continuation of education thrust by the SuperClubs resort group.

The latest exercise is being spearheaded by SuperClubs’ Couples Hotel in St. Mary, through the instrumentality of the hotel’s general manager, Mr. Joe Issa.

In statement, Mr. Issa ailed the project as a: major development, which will see an exciting, rewarding exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts between students and teachers of both institutions.”

The project is named “Global 2000”, and it was launched recently at Couples. The launching was attended by executives of both schools, a Couples hotel management team, Jamaican Ministry of Education Officials, and Jamaican and Tampa private and public sector persons involved in education and recreation.

Superclubs twins local, US schools

Mrs. Beverly Demott, principal of the Broward Elementary School, has participated in reciprocal programme with the Sheffield All Age School in Westmorland, along with Mr. Issa. She told the launching meeting that she was seeking to do the same at Three Hills.

Mrs. Demott pointed out that she had forged “this valuable link” with Mr. Issa when he was manager at another SuperClubs property, the Grand Lido, in Negril. “Since then, teachers from my school have visited Sheffield, bringing with them various teaching aids and books,” Mrs. Demott disclosed.

She went on: “My aim is to establish firm links between the children of my school and those of Three Hills All Age.

Promising programme

“This idea has been submitted to the Florida State Board of Education and has been awarded a prize for being the ‘Most Promising Intercultural Programme’. I am currently involved in shipping to Jamaica a number of school books.”

The chief education officer in the Jamaica Ministry of Education, Mr. Wesley Barrett, acknowledged “the tremendous work that Mr. Joe Issa, the Couples team and SuperClubs have been doing for education, throughout the years.” He pledged that the Ministry would undertake to clear charity books and supplies duty free. He urged service clubs and Jamaican group in Florida to assist with the shipping of the supplies.

The deputy director of the Recreation Department for the city of Tampa, Mr. Wayne Papy, promised to work with Tampa and Jamaica service clubs, in getting the goods to Jamaica. Mr. Papy has already touched base, at a meeting on March 2, with Ocho Rios Chamber of Commerce manager, Mrs. Val Brown; and Mr. Don Creary, from the St. Mary Kiwanis Club, regarding this.

Three Hills All Age’s principal, Mrs. Claire Hoilett, thanked Couples and Mrs. Demott for her school for assistance. She said it was a “great opportunity” for her school to enhance cultural links outside of Jamaica.


Source: The Gleaner