SuperClubs unveils stopover plans for cruise ship tourists

(SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO)SuperClubs Breezes yesterday unveiled a new promotional strategy that aims to convert cruise ship passengers into stopover visitors at its resorts in the Bahamas and elsewhere in the Caribbean, helping the resort chain to compete against properties such as Kerzner International’s Atlantis resort.

SuperClubs unveils stopover plans for cruise ship tourists

Joseph Issa, executive vice-president of the SuperClubs properties, said the all-inclusive chain would offer cruise ship passengers a one-night stay for free during return visits to the Bahamas and other destinations, in the hope of encouraging them to become stopover visitors, who stay longer and spend more money.

He added that this was part of a strategy to compete with larger properties in the Bahamas, particularly Kerzner International’s Atlantis property on Paradise Island.

“Atlantis is an institution unto itself, and it’s a world class institution, so the challenge for all of us in the Bahamas is to create new and different attractions. For Breezes, that will include upkeeping our property and implementing innovative promotional programmes,” Mr Issa said.

Mr Issa said cruise ship arrivals had increased throughout the Caribbean, despite an overall decrease in visitor arrivals, and many hoteliers were concerned that the cruise ship were benefitting from the promotion of individual destinations, yet contributing little to the growth and development of these places.

With the addition of shopping malls and exclusive brand and designer shops on board these vessels, visitors were less inclined to spend their dollars on shore. Recent data from the Ministry of Tourism indicated cruise ship passenger spend an average of $98 during their stay in the Bahamas.

Mr Issa added that the advent of a crisis situation, such as that caused by the September 11 terrorist attacks, had created both changes and opportunities.


Source: The Tribune