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With Susan Dulaney Swept Away Holiday

Photo caption: Susan Dulaney (c) Swept Away Resort’s sales representative, listens with keen attention to Joey Issa of Grand Lido at a recent cock-tail party held to introduce the Swept Away holiday to foreign tour operators. Situated in Negril, the…
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Grand Lido, Crown Jewel of the Issa Dynasty

Before former U.S. Ambassador Lauren Lawrence left Jamaican shores to lead the Central American Action Committee, we spoke about Jamaica’s future. He leaned forward, his voice dropped to a confidential level. “There are dynasties to be made here,” he intoned. The…
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Launching SuperClubs’ all inclusive Jamaican resorts

Photo Caption: Super sellers: Launching SuperClubs’ all-inclusive Jamaican resorts Hedonism II and Breezes are, from left, the company’s Martin Grass, Sue Case and Joey Issa.   Source: Travel Weekly

A trendy new resort for honeymooners

The word is out among the newly marrieds. Grand Lido, Negril, is fast becoming the destination for trendy newlyweds. Since the resort opened in December some 100 couples have spent their honeymoon there. According to Mark and Wendy Lalor, “It’s…
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