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Royalty and friends fly in

Went over to Hedonism III last Sunday night in the company of Justin Trudeau, son of the former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and Gabrielle Windsor of Great Britain, a cousin of His Royal Highness Prince Charles. Both, along with…
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SuperClubs radio remote puts Jamaica in US public’s eye

Jamaica is gaining significant publicity and tourism stands to reap enormous benefits from a SuperClub radio remote broadcast featuring 9 top American stations and their prize winners currently taking place at SuperClubs vice president Sue McManus, special projects manager Heather…
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SuperClubs’ Grand Lido: The Prototype Resort for the 21st Century

It’s big, bold, beautiful and everything about it is deluxe. The best describes the Grand Lido fully inclusive resort in Negril, Jamaica. Grand Lido, the latest addition to the Issa Super Clubs (Couples, Jamaica Jamaica, Hedonism II and Boscobel Beach…
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