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One Year Anniversary

The Management and Staff of the Cool Family of Companies wish to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Joseph John Issa on their one-year wedding anniversary. Wishing you a Cool fifty more.   Source: The Cool Team  

Wedding of the Week

Picture caption 1: Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Don Creary. Picture caption 2: Asha Issa (left) and husband Joe Issa (second right), close friends of the Crearys and witnesses to the memorable event, enjoy one of several selections by the bagpiper,…
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Phillip and Kerry-Ann Paulwell’s Wedding

Picture caption: Minister Phillip Paulwell (second l) with Don Creary of Tourism Marketing Associates (l), Joey Issa, vice president, SuperClubs and Howard McIntosh, ports and entertainment marketing consultant.   Source: North Coast Times 


Photo caption: THE FIRST I DO: Sans Souci Lido, the newest addition to the super-inclusive chain of resorts, SuperClubs, recently conducted their first wedding. Katsutoshi and Motoko Furukoji of Japan said they could not have chosen a more apt location…
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Marriage resort style

Are you planning to get married but afraid of the attendant headaches? Or, do you simply wish for a dream wedding in some exotic resort which combines the ritual and a vacation in one? Several Jamaican tourist resorts are currently…
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