Ushering 60 in fine style

Ushering 60 in fine style

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (at least in Jamaica, or St Barts and Bermuda) that Jeannie and Anthony Watson are not only adored, but throw the best parties. So there was much anticipation when tres chic Monroesque black and white invitations started to surface. Jeannie Watson was ushering in 60 in pleated-white style.

The venue chosen was the recently Ivan-salvaged Boone Hall Oasis (and we’re forced to ‘fess up right away that quite a few persons got lost) but that just added to the brunch-time laughter in between refreshing sips of Pimms and Cosmopolitans, slurps of oyster and several nibbles of pate fois gras heaped atop pita bread.

The Mandela Performers provided their own pulsating drama, as did the peanut vendor. There was no pomp nor ceremony. Guests descended the stone steps and immediately got into the nirvana type existence with naught else to prove. And yes, the children skipped over.

Picture caption 1: Birthday girl Jeannie Watson with hubby Anthony

Picture caption 2: Jeannie Watson welcomes Asha and Joey Issa


Source: The Observer