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Maurice Kirk… a warbird wins peace

The story of Maurice Kirk is an amazing ride, interwoven with animals and aeroplanes. Kirk, the veterinarian-cum-pilot, had an emergency landing at the Boscobel Air-Strip in St. Ann after his single- engine World War II warbird J3 Piper Cub US…
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San Souci Lido and Joe Issa: Thanks and Commendation

THE EDITOR, Sir: We have recently returned from visiting Ocho Rios where it was our pleasure to stay at the Sans Souci Lido. The property itself is a sight to behold as it arises out of the natural beauty of…
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Views in Brief: Joe Issa’s good deed

I read in the Daily Gleaner dated May 30, 1991 of a deed done by Mr. Joe Issa which shows him to be a Good Samaritan. His action to a stranger, stranded on his way, must have cost him thousands…
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