Views in Brief: Joe Issa’s good deed

Letter to the Editor Joe Issa's good deed I read in the Daily Gleaner dated May 30, 1991 of a deed done by Mr. Joe Issa which shows him to be a Good Samaritan. His action to a stranger, stranded on his way, must have cost him thousands of dollars; but his heart of compassion moved him to make the sacrifice, for which his soul is well blessed. I quite remember the days of the Issas and Hannas, leading dry goods merchants of King Street, and it is no wonder people like those have prospered so much in our society. We need a page out of their book.  To read the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible is not good enough for us. We need to put the story into practice, like Mr. Joe Issa.


The Source: The Gleaner