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Joe Issa, Penetrating

Photo Caption: Family, friends and associates of Joe Issa at the Cool Group table at the Business Leader Awards.   Source: The Observer 

Ushering 60 in fine style

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (at least in Jamaica, or St Barts and Bermuda) that Jeannie and Anthony Watson are not only adored, but throw the best parties. So there was much anticipation when tres chic Monroesque black and white…
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Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

Photo Caption: Margaritaville owners Brian Jardim (left) and Ian Dear (2nd left) with Senator Dieka Morrison and Cool Oasis owner Joey Issa at the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival Friday night.   Source: The Observer

One Year Anniversary

The Management and Staff of the Cool Family of Companies wish to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Joseph John Issa on their one-year wedding anniversary. Wishing you a Cool fifty more.   Source: The Cool Team  

Wedding of the Week

Picture caption 1: Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Don Creary. Picture caption 2: Asha Issa (left) and husband Joe Issa (second right), close friends of the Crearys and witnesses to the memorable event, enjoy one of several selections by the bagpiper,…
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Issa and Lopez eye McDonald’s franchise

A number of local investors including President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) Beverly Lopez and local entrepreneur Joey Issa are expressing a keen interest in acquiring the local McDonald’s franchise, Wednesday Business understands. McDonald’s Jamaica was run…
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